PagePorter Class Library

PagePorter Class Library

The Parastream® PagePorter Class Library is a library of classes, interfaces, and value types that are included in the Parastream PagePorter product.


The Parastream PagePorter Class Library provides the following namespaces:
Contains types that allow reading and writing to files and data streams, and types that provide basic file and directory support.
Provides documented classes and interfaces for the PagePorter application.
Contains types that provide compatiblity with Microsoft FrontPage. Examples are FileMetadata, FolderMetadata, NavigationMetadata, and WebMetadata which support metadata for various objects, and Navigation which provides methods and properties relating to the site's navigation structure.
Contains types that allow you to create ASP.NET server controls and pages that will appear in your Web applications as user interface elements. This namespace includes the FpUserControl class, which provides user controls with a common set of functionality specifically designed for Microsoft FrontPage compatibility. It also includes the FpPage class, which a base class for web pages with Microsoft FrontPage compatibility. You can inherit from both of these classes.
Contains classes that can be used to extend design-time support for Web Forms.
A collection of classes that allow you to create Web server controls on a Web page. Web server controls run on the server and include form controls such as buttons and text boxes. Because Web server controls run on the server, you can programmatically control these elements.


All instance methods in the class library throw an instance of NullReferenceException when an attempt is made to call the method and the underlying object holds a null reference. Because this exception can occur with any instance method, it is not explicitly listed in the reference documentation for each instance method.

The class library documentation lists the other exceptions that each member throws along with a description of the condition under which it is thrown.

Thread Safety

All public static members (methods, properties, fields, and events) within the class library support concurrent access within a multithreaded environment. Therefore, any static member can be simultaneously invoked from two threads without encountering race conditions, deadlocks, or crashes.

For all classes and structures in the class library, check the Thread Safety section in the API reference documentation to determine whether it is thread safe. If you want to use a class that is not thread-safe in a multithreaded environment, you must wrap an instance of the class with code that supplies the necessary synchronization constructs.

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